This Is How To Play With Yourself

Hi guys, I’m Lola and I’m here to show you exactly how you should masturbate. Follow my instructions and watch me jack off this dildo in the video so you can see how to do it yourself at home. First, we’re going to lube your cock up real good so it doesn’t hurt my tiny teen pussy when you shove it in. Then, we’re going to massage all the lube into your cock and even spread it on your balls because it feels so good!

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Now that you’re all lubed up I want you to slowly start stroking your cock and pretend that it’s in my pussy. So don’t go too fast and hurt my sweet pussy! Speed up just a little and start thrusting your hips toward me. That’s it, you’re doing so well! Keep fucking my pussy and keep watching me in the video! Faster, pick up the pace and really start fucking me good. Bang your hips against mine pounding your cock into my wet pussy. That’s it baby; give your whole cock to Lola! Get ready to cum! I want your cock to explode in my pussy filling it with your hot sperm. Cum inside me baby!

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