Lola Shows You How To Fuck A Fleshlight

Lola took her top off so you can stare at her tiny, perky teen tits while she teaches you how to fuck a fleshlight. She’s stuck the fleshlight in between the mattress and box spring of her bed so she can really work her hips. Now, lube up your cock real good and follow Lola as she guides you through how to fuck a fleshlight in her own special way! Get your cock out!


Now that your cock is nice and lubricated and the fleshlight is secure in your bed, bring your cock up to it and slowly penetrate it like you would Lola’s pussy. Then gently increase your thrusts giving Lola a nice gentle fuck at first. Now, Lola is a bad girl so increase your thrusts and start pounding your hips against hers. Fuck her good; she loves rough sex and having her pussy pounded. Fuck that fleshlight and fuck it hard! Lola wants your dick deep inside her when you cum. Make sure you cum inside her teen pussy. She loves to feel a hot load dripping down the crack of her tiny little ass!

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