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Teen Brunette Instructs You To Jerk Off

Standing over top of you is a sexy brunette teen that is massaging her bare pussy. She has her legs spread over your head and your view is absolutely perfect for looking directly at her pussy. Her instructions are clear, watch her play with her pussy and stroke your cock at the same pace. When her fingers move faster, your stroke must move faster! Slow and steady for now. Grip your cock, twist your hand around as you go up slowly and down slowly. Thrust your hips and fuck your hand pretending it’s her pussy!

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This babe starts to increase her pace by rubbing her clit much faster and instructs you to squeeze your dick tight and stroke it up and down at the same pace. Pretend it’s your cock inside her pussy, and you’re both getting off together. Increase your pace and squeeze harder now. Milk your cock as she rubs her pussy harder and faster. Cum with her! Watch her juices run down her legs and shoot your load!

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