Fleshlight Masturbation Instructional Video

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m going to show you how to masturbate your cock with a Fleshlight. But, don’t worry about it if you don’t have one. You can use your hand the same way. Just follow my instructions carefully and remember that I’m in charge here, not you! Now, let’s lube up with some lotion, spit, or anything else you have. Smear it all over your hard cock so it’s nice and slick and can slide into my tight teen pussy without hurting me too bad!

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Next, take your fleshlight or your hand and shove it down the length of your shaft. This is going to hurt my pussy, but shove it deep inside. It will feel good too! Start fucking it now and thrusting your hips towards my young pussy. Fuck it good and hard, show me what a man you are! Oh, that feels so fucking good. Really ram my pussy hard now! I want you to cum inside me and make my pussy drip your huge load down into my young ass crack. That’s it baby keep your pace fast and really fuck me. God, that feels fucking amazing. Fuck my teen pussy! Cum inside it, let me feel your hot load!

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