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Are You Jacking Off…You Better Be

Are you ready to take jerk off instructions from a sexy teen brunette? You better be if you plan on watching this erotic video! She is wearing a fishnet top that does nothing to hide her perky young tits underneath and she has on a short black skirt with no panties. Her legs are spread wide and she wants you to pretend that you cock is being put deep into her pussy. Follow her masturbation instructions carefully and this teen goddess will instruct you all the way to shooting your hot load!

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Grab your dick and make sure it’s hard as a rock. No limp dicks allowed in this hot teen pussy! Now look at my pussy and see how wet it is. Keep your hand still and thrust into it like you would into my pussy. Don’t move your hand, just move your hips back out. Now keep up the pace, thrust into your tight grasp and out of your tight grasp. Fuck me just like that! You’re fucking my wet, warm pussy, don’t stop! Thrust so hard that your balls slap off your skin. Come on, really fuck me now, fuck me hard!

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