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Brunette Teen Dry Humps Her Bed Pretending It Is Your Cock

Skinny brunette teen Lola is lying in her bed with no panties on and just a torn shirt covering her tiny tits. She’s so horny and needs to masturbate. But, she doesn’t want to masturbate alone and wants you to wank while she dry humps her bed and then spreads her pussy fingering fucking it. The whole time she’ll be pretending it’s your cock she’s humping and that it’s your cock fucking her tight teen pussy. Get ready, take your cock out and get it hard! Lola wants you and your cock right now.

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Start wanking your cock, Lola wants to see you stroking it up and down as she dry humps her bed thrusting her hips up and down. She’s pretending every thrust down is impaling her pussy on your hard cock. Thrust up to meet her thrusts. Bang your hips against one another. Increase the pace of your stroking, Lola wants to rub her pussy while you rub your cock. Faster, stroke as fast as she’s moving her fingers. Keep pace with her and you’ll both cum together!

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