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Hot Blonde Teen Uses A Fleshlight To Jerk You Off

This hot blonde teen is going to jerk you off using her favorite toy, the fleshlight. She’s completely naked lying in bed with you and wants you to have a hot cum all over her tiny hands. Watch her small tits and listen to her talk dirty while she strokes your dick with the help of the fleshlight. Are you ready? She gets your cock nice and hard by stroking it up and down gently with her bare hands first. She wants your plump cock completely erect for the fleshlight.

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She picks up the fleshlight and places it over your cock. The head of your cock penetrates the fake pussy lips and she tells you to pretend it’s her teen pussy. She starts off slowly pushing it down your shaft and lifting it back up. This teen babe twists the fleshlight around your dick as she goes down and then twists back up. Now she starts forcing it down, faster, and harder as it hits the base of your balls. She puts her entire arm’s strength into pushing and pulling. She’s jacking you off so fast now. Cum, cum inside her pussy! Cum all over your own penis!

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