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Feel My Tight Pussy On Your Cock

If you have a fleshlight I’m going to show you how to masturbate your cock with it. If you don’t, just use your hand. Now, let’s lube it up with something slick, even your spit will work. Then, slowly and gently place the fleshlight at the tip of your dick and tease the head of your cock with it. Let the head penetrate the fleshlight and pretend it’s my pussy that your cock’s head is now inside of. Don’t push all the way in until I tell you too!

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Slowly inch your big cock inside. Push hard because my teen pussy is tight, but go slow! Don’t hurt my sweet little pussy. You’re doing so well and it feels great! Now start to get a rhythm and fuck my pussy. Back and forth, in and out, keep fucking me. Pick up the pace and start fucking me faster and harder. Really lay into me now and start pounding my young pussy. Cum inside me baby! Cum for me, I want to feel your hot load inside my teen pussy!

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