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Jerk Off Instructions With Lola’s Fleshlight

Lola is wearing her thigh high fishnet stockings and her strap on cock for you. She wants you to pay attention closely as she uses her fleshlight to show you how you should jerk off. Lola doesn’t repeat herself, so your cock better be hard and ready for her to play with! Now, take out your hard dick and your fleshlight. Rub the fleshlight up and down your shaft teasing it. Don’t put your penis inside yet! Just tease your entire cock with it to make sure you’re rock hard.

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Now, penetrate the fleshlight with the head of your cock. But, don’t go too far in, not yet. Lola’s pussy is sweet and tiny; you have to take your time. Ease it in gently and slowly force your entire shaft into the fleshlight, just like it would be my sweet pussy. That feels so good! Pick up the pace and start slowly fucking my pussy in and out. A little harder now, fuck my pussy harder. Faster baby, fuck my pussy faster now and thrust your hips into it. Oh that feels so good! Cum with me, okay? Fuck me as hard as you can now so we can cum together! Cum in my pussy, cum now!

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