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Jerk Off In Bed With Me As I Guide You

Follow along with me as I show you how to jerk off. I have my dildo strapped on and I’m in bed prepared to make you cum. Take your cock out and start rubbing it so it’s nice and hard. I can’t play with a limp dick! Squeeze and stroke it until it’s as hard as a rock. I want to see your big penis stand up by itself. Stroke it fast and hard following my hands. Do exactly what I’m doing and follow closely. We’ll cum together baby, I promise!

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Watch my hand as I twist it up the shaft and back down. I’m squeezing your cock hard, real hard! Make sure you’re doing the same. No pussies or limp dicks! Stroke that cock up and down as fast as you can. Come on, we’re going to cum fast and shoot that load far. Jerk that cock! Jerk it faster than that and really stroke that dick now! That’s it baby, do it harder! Oh fuck yeah! You’re making me hot and my pussy is soaking my panties. Cum for me! Do it, shoot your load all over the place right now!

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