Cupcake Gives Instructions On How To Use Your Fleshlight

Cupcake is a hot blonde babe in a bikini that really knows how to please a cock and is a master with the fleshlight. She’s made this instructional masturbation video to show you how she would please your cock and wants you to jerk off along with her and the video. So, take out your cock and your fleshlight, if you have one, and lube it up. Spit on your dick or use some good lube, just get it wet and hard!

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Now, watch cupcake slowly use the fleshlight to keep your cock nice and hard. She gently massages it over your dick to tease it into wanting more. Now, she increases the pace and twists the fleshlight on the downward strokes. She imagines your hard cock inside her pussy and wants you to do the same. Imagine your cock being sucked into Cupcake’s pussy over and over! It feels so good that she wants to feel your hot cum in her bare pussy. She doesn’t care if you’re not wearing a condom; just spray your entire hot load all over the inside of her pussy!

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