Get Your Cock Out And Listen To Me

Start rubbing your cock through your jeans getting it hard. I’m going to play with this dildo and pretend it’s your big dick. Everything I do to the dildo I want you to do to your cock and pretend it’s my hand. My hand is touching your cock and it’s growing hard now. I take the cock out of your pants so I can wrap my tiny teen hands around it and stroke it better. Your cock feels so good in my hands and it’s so big! I love your cock baby.


Now, I’m going to take this lube and massage it into your penis. First, I’m going to circle the head of your dick with my fingers. You like that teasing, don’t you? I’m rubbing the lotion into the head of your cock and teasing it. Now, I’ll gently work my fingers down your shaft. It’s so big! I’ll squeeze you nice and tight and twist my hands all over the shaft so the lube is all over. Pretend it’s my pussy all wet and warm. That’s right, fuck my tiny teen pussy! Fuck me hard! I want to feel your big penis inside me and I want it now!

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