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Lola Uses A Sawzall With A Fleshlight To Jerk You Off

Lola strips herself completely naked so you have something beautiful to look at while you masturbate your cock. She then sticks a dildo to the fridge, grabs her sawzall, and lets you know that this jerk off instruction video will be brutal! If you can’t keep your arm moving fast and don’t like a painful handjob, then turn back now!

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Lola straps the fleshlight to the side of the sawzall blade and prepares to instruct you on how to jerk your cock. She sticks the penis into the fleshlight and tells you to imagine your hard cock being inserted into her teen pussy. She then pulls the trigger and lets the sawzall brutally fuck your penis. So move your hand as fast as you can over your cock. Don’t worry about the pain; just beat off as fast you possibly can to keep up with Lola and her machine. Don’t stop or even rest until you cum! Keep it up, beat your cock raw and then cum all over it! Milk your cock dry and do it with speed!

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