Lola Shows You How To Masturbate

Lola is lying in bed with her strapon cock sticking straight up into the air. She asks if your cock is hard and ready just like hers is and demands that it better be. Jack that cock off, she repeats as she twists her young hands up and down the strapon cock while pretending it’s you. Jack off to me, she orders you! Lola gets so wet imagining your hand stroking your hard cock while thinking about her.

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Jack off faster, and harder! You better be stroking your dick hard enough to feel a little pain with your pleasure. Lola wants you to suffer for your orgasm. Play with your balls and squeeze your sack tightly as you watch Lola instruct you on how to take your masturbation to the next level. Cum all over your hands! Lola wants you to milk every last drop of sperm out of your cock right now and cum all over your own hands. It gets her so fucking hot to watch your semen drip down your bare hands!

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