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Katie Shows You How She Would Fuck Your Cock

Katie is a young blonde teen who has stripped off all of her clothes and climbed on top of you. Start beating your cock and get it hard for this teen babe! She asks you if you would like her to get on top and ride your cock. Show her that your answer is yes and get your cock as thick and long as you can. She thinks you’ve done well and she starts riding you. Katie moans and tells you that it feels good when you go deep.

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Grip your cock and keep up with her. Jerk it harder, you are really pleasing her. She moans and wants your cock deeper, faster, and harder. Really start wanking your dick now! Come on, speed up your pace, she’s begging you to cum inside her sweet teen pussy. No one has ever cum inside this babe before. Be the first one! Hurry, cum inside her, start stroking tight and fast. Faster, you can jerk off faster than that. Hurt your arm if you have to, but cum! Cum inside this teen’s pussy as she rides your hard cock.

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