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Cupcake And You Are Going To Jack Off Together

I have my strap on cock here to show you exactly how I want you to masturbate. Whatever my hand does I want your hand to do. So, get out your lube and if you don’t have any just spit on your cock. Massage it in just like I’m doing. Nice and slow and make sure it covers the entire shaft of your penis. Get it all nice and lubed so it feels just like it would if you slipped it into my wet pussy! That’s where I want it. I want your cock inside my wet pussy.

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Now, circle the head of your cock with your fingertips and feel the tingles it sends down your shaft. Gently run your fingers up and down your shaft barely touching your skin. You can feel the tingling sensation, can’t you? I love to tease, can you tell? Now, grip the base of your cock tightly and squeeze. Keep squeezing and move your hand up the shaft all the way to the tip of your dick. That’s good baby! Oh your cock is so big! Now do that over again but faster and keep doing it. Pretend you’re fucking my very tight pussy. I love the way your big dick stretches my tiny pussy!

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