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Jacking Off Thinking About Lola Turns Her On

Lola is sitting on the kitchen table with her legs spread around a dildo. She wants you to imagine that the dildo on the table is actually your cock. She’s going to show you how to stroke your cock in this video and cum with Lola at the end. Lola is going to hump and thrust her hips pretending she’s being penetrated by your hard cock. Now, get out your cock, get it nice and hard and follow the instructions that Lola gives you.

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Stroke your dick with your hand tight around the shaft. Lola has a tight teen pussy so make sure your grasp is firm. Lube your hand if you have to, but keep it tight! Watch Lola thrust her hips up and down off the table and keep pace with your hand. Meet her thrusts like you would be fucking her pussy. It makes Lola so fucking hot thinking about you jerking off to her at home. Follow her instructionsand before you know it, you and Lola will both be cumming at the very same time from this jerk off instruction video!

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